This lady came to us with a very tight deadline: she was getting married 5 weeks from her initial consultation and wanted shining white teeth for the big day. She had never tried any other whitening systems before so did not know what to expect. Knowing that we had a tight deadline and that the patient had a very busy schedule we did all that we could as a team to get this lady’s teeth sparkling.

At the first appointment, after a full examination, she was declared dentally fit to undergo Enlighten Teeth Whitening. Dr R Sharma took impressions to send to the lab to make this lady’s custom fit whitening trays. This lady left the surgery with the Enlighten Serum to use for two weeks before the At Home Whitening.


At the second appointment this lady returned to The Evergreen Dental Centre to have her custom whitening tray fit with Dr S Sharma, who explained exactly how to use the At Home kit. She then took the kit home for 16 days and returned to us for her third and final appointment.

At the third appointment this lady brought her custom fit tray back to us at The Evergreen Dental Centre and Dr S Sharma then carried out the In-Office whitening to really boost this lady’s results. This lady went from an A3 to a BL3 and as you will see from the pictures this has made a real difference.

Speaking to the lady after her appointments she is really pleased with the result and did not find the process at all challenging, in fact she found it easy. She feels she can smile more confidently now and when we spoke last she was really looking forward to her big day.

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