Sedation dentistry in Reading: the perfect way for nervous patients to get back to health

Huge advances in sedation dentistry mean it is now possible for nervous and phobic dental patients to get much-needed treatment, without anxiety being a problem. The Evergreen Dental Centre in Reading offers a range of sedation dentistry options, so if you are anxious, nervous, or phobic about visiting the dentist, read on to discover how we can help you get back to health. . .

sedation-dentistry-in-readingThere are numerous causes of dental phobia, and within that each patient’s personal experience will be unique. Some people have had a bad experience during childhood, whilst others are triggered by needles, drills, or even the sounds of a practice.

Many people worry that they will be judged by the dental team if their oral health is less than perfect, whilst others are anxious about what further treatment they may require. In these and other circumstances, sedation dentistry in Reading really helps.

At our Reading practice we are sensitive to the needs of and sympathetic to the feelings of nervous and phobic patients. We will take things slowly, at your own pace, and will never judge you if your teeth and gums have fallen into poor condition. All we want to do is to help you find the best path back to a healthy, happy smile, and sedation dentistry in Reading is an excellent way to start.

Will I be unconscious?

No. Unlike general anaesthetic you may have had for hospital procedures, we use conscious sedation dentistry at our Reading practice. This means that you will be awake, but peaceful and relaxed, and largely unaware of treatment.

Our Reading clinic offers two types of sedation dentistry: inhalation sedation, which involves breathing in a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen and is an excellent option if you have a fear of needles; and intravenous (IV) sedation, which is a stronger form of sedation dentistry and is delivered via a small needle in your hand or arm.

For IV sedation, you will need a friend to take you home after your appointment and to stay with you until the next day, to ensure the sedatives have worn off.

Time for a better dental experience?

If you are looking for a dentist in Reading look no further. Here at Evergreen Dental we understand our patients. We provide exceptional service from the moment you walk through our doors. We know your wellbeing is the most important thing.

We only employ the highest level of trained professionals and adhere to exceptional standards of dental care.

sedation-dentistry-ReadingWhat we offer

We offer a huge selection of treatments all under one roof. Our extensively experienced staff can provide cosmetic dentistry such as whitening, porcelain veneers and even smile makeovers.
We also offer the highest standard of dental implants and bone grafts, as well as expanding our business into holistic therapies such as hair loss therapy and hand rejuvenation involving using collagen to increase elasticity in aging skin.

What more could you want from a dentist! Reading is up and coming in the dental field offering more and more services for our ever expanding client base and we would love you to be part of this.

Nervous patients

Do you suffer with anxiety in the dentists chair? Fear not, you are not alone. At Evergreen we will treat you gently and with the understanding you deserve. All our clinicians are trained to the highest standards to fully understand the needs of a nervous patient.

We offer sedation treatments including an Intravenous sedation where a needle is used to gain the highest level of relaxation possible. We also offer inhalation sedation. This is a mixture of gases that will promote a feeling of calm during your procedure whilst remaining awake.

Our Clinic

Our new clinic offers everything you need for a stress free, happy visit to the dentist. Reading is at the forefront of modern dentistry and this is reflected in our surgery through our use of state of the art equipment creating a bespoke experience for each and every one of our clients.
We welcome you with a smile and a cup of tea as you enter our new super sleek waiting room. You will be treated with respect and dignity as we help you on your dental journey.

Calm your nerves with our sedation options

Everyone can feel apprehensive about visiting the dentist from time to time. It is perfectly understandable and it can be based on some difficult experience from the past. For some people though, it can be a barrier to visiting the dentist at all and the trouble with this is that the earlier most dental issues get treated, the better the results will be and the less likely it is that extensive work will be required.

sedation-dentistryAt Evergreen Dental, Reading, sedation dentistry is something that we offer to nervous patients to help them relax.

What are the options?

You can always put in a request at for sedation dentistry in Reading at our clinic. When your dentist suggests a procedure for you they will also discuss your options and do everything they can to make you feel comfortable physically and emotionally. If you know you have your sedation option waiting for you when you arrive for your treatment, you are likely to be more relaxed to begin with.

Your first option is an IV drip which provides consistent sedation through a needle in your arm throughout the treatment. The second – and this might be a good option if you do not like needles – is a gas that you inhale through a mask that is fitted over your mouth and nose. All you need to do is take big, deep breaths and you will feel relaxed and settled whilst our team give you the treatment you need. Some people feel more in control when they have this method and the effects wear off relatively quickly after you stop inhaling the gas.

What are the benefits?

Every time you have a good visit to the dentist – one where you get the treatment you need without having a difficult experience – it makes it easier to think about coming again in the future. This kind of positive reinforcement means that you are more likely to do things like get your regular check-ups and develop trust in your dentist. Please do avail yourself of our sedation dentistry in Reading and improve your relationship with the dentist today so that your oral hygiene can benefit in the long term.

Who chooses sedation dentistry?

Many people over the U.K, are walking around with some kind of pain in their teeth because they choose not to go and see a dentist. At Evergreen Dental Centre, we understand that fear can take over the driving seat when it comes to pain and let’s face it, many people do associate the dentist with pain. Sedation dentistry in Reading, is becoming the answer for anyone looking to get some dental work for their teeth, while overcoming their apprehension of pain. So if you are in need of some essential work, do not delay and cause further pain for yourself, come and see us at Evergreen Dental Centre in Reading.Sedation dentistry could be the answer you have been looking for!

sedation-dentistry-in-readingWhat sedation do you offer?

We offer you two types of sedation, ideal if you are an anxious patient, to ensure that you remain calm from the moment you walk through the door. The first is an intravenous method, that will be inserted gradually into your bloodstream. The second, for those that do not like needles, we offer sedation by inhalation. Both will allow you as the patient to remain aware during the procedure, yet feel relaxed and of course numb to any pain. How does that sound? To receive the treatment that you need, while under sedation? Dentistry in Reading does not come better than this! So if you have pain in your teeth, come and take the first step towards receiving the help you deserve.

We are here to take care of you

We here at Evergreen Dental Centre, are here to be of service to your needs. Rajan and Shivani have been running this successful dental practice in Reading, welcoming many happy clients through the doors, each day. There is touch-in desk inside the waiting room that allows you to read information on the treatments available.

What are the benefits of sedation?

Sedation will allow you to remain calm, especially if you tend to be of a nervous disposition when it comes to dentists. It is a perfect option if you have been procrastinating about your next dental visit.Now you have no excuse with the option of sedation dentistry in Reading.

What makes a good dentist?

When it comes to choosing a new dentist, patients look for a range of qualities before making their decision on who to sign up with. Below we look at some of the most popular considerations made by patients when looking for a dentist in Reading.

Interpersonal Skills

The dentist in Reading needs to be good with people, after all, they will have members of the public visiting all day, every day. A good ‘bedside manner’ and personable nature is a must have for instilling the trust and likeability factor that a good dentist needs.

dentist-in-readingBusiness Sense

Owning your own practice as a dentist puts you in good stead when it comes to attracting new and retaining existing patients. By owning your own practice, it shows the wider community that you care enough to take on not only the patients, but all the responsibility that comes with being the owner of a practice offering patients a reliable dentist in Reading.

Communication Skills

This is one of the most important skills out there. As a Reading dentist you will have to deal with all types of personality, including nervous patients who are scared of you and what you do! Being able to communicate with them in a clear manner will help to put them at ease and retain them as happy patients. At Evergreen Dental, we pride ourselves on our customer care.

Compassion and honesty

Let’s face it, when it comes to going to the dentist, a little compassion goes a long way. Having a dentist who we feel ‘feels our pain’ (not literally) is somewhat reassuring. Having a calm voice will enable us to relax whilst the work is being done, and not feel like we are alone in the chair.

Problem solving

As with many dental cases, problems need to be solved, in a way that is most beneficial to the patient. A dentist in Reading who is able to look at a problem and come up with suitable options and alternatives is worth every penny.

So if you are looking for a dentist in Reading, look no further than Evergreen dental, your local dentist!

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Whatever your concern, we can help

At Evergreen Dental, we understand that for some people, going to the dentist can be difficult. We want you to feel as safe and comfortable as possible and know that the more relaxed you feel, the more likely you are to come to see us for check ups and care potentially preventing the need for extensive treatment.

When you do need more in-depth work, we can offer you different levels of sedation to ensure it is not a traumatic occurrence for you.

sedation-dentistryWhat can I expect from sedation dentistry in Reading?

Did you know that there are different levels of sedation available during dental treatment?

You can opt to have full sedation where you are unconscious for the whole process and therefore have no difficult memories and nothing to be concerned about beforehand.

Another option is to inhale a sedative gas during your treatment through a mask that is placed over your nose and mouth. This is especially handy if you have difficulty with needles, which we know is a concern for some patients. You will remain awake but the gas will help you to feel peaceful and calm.

We can detail the benefits of each option and let you know about any potential or common issues so you can be well informed, prepared and able to make the right choice for you.

Evergreen Dental, Reading – sedation dentistry you can trust

At Evergreen Dental, we believe you will want to come back to us again and again to get the care you need in a way that is respectful of any issues or fears you may have. Our practice in Reading is a haven for those who wish to choose the option of sedation dentistry. Reading is the area we serve and we are happy to be able to offer you the choices that you deserve to have distress free dental treatment.

You are in complete control of the process and can make decisions based on the information we provide. When it is time to let us take care of you, you can be sure that we will offer you a professional and positive experience.

Let a Reading dentist help you say ‘cheeeeese!

Studies show that nearly half of the population is unhappy with their teeth, and a whopping 28 per cent don’t like to smile in photos because of the way their teeth look. We at Evergreen Dental find this figure unacceptable and offer a wide variety of treatments to help combat this issue.

cosmetic-dental-treatmentsWhat’s so bad about a toothy smile?

People lack confidence showing their teeth, due to factors such as: tooth discolouration, uneven or ‘crooked’ teeth, and missing teeth. The team at Evergreen Dental Care provides a number of cosmetic treatments to tackle these problems and to get people smiling again, leaving them wondering why they didn’t take an earlier trip to their local dentist. Reading has been host to our well-established practice for several years. The practice offers its patients smile enhancing procedures including: teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and a ‘smile makeover’ to help you to feel better about your grin!

A smile is more than just a good photo

As well as making you more photogenic, a simple smile has other useful benefits that you may not have considered previously. Smiling promotes a warm expression, which can make you appear more friendly and approachable, and smiles are contagious, leaving you feeling happy and infecting others around you with your happiness. Tell me, the last time a stranger smiled at you in the street, did you smile in return and walk around with a big grin on your face for the next 30 seconds or so? Yes? Us too! The team at Evergreen Dental Practice wants to give you, and the people around you, that same happy feeling. We want to help change the outlook of nearly half of the population who are unhappy with their teeth, and we want to give people the confidence to accept and embrace their smiles, especially in front of the camera!

If you’re interested in finding out more about how we can help improve your smile, please visit our dentist in Reading, take a look at the treatments on our website, or call the practice to find out more about what we offer or to make an appointment.

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The holistic smile makeover dentist in Reading

If you’re looking for a dentist in Reading, Evergreen Dental Centre is a great dentist to go to. Rajan and Shivani, the practice owners, are experienced dental practitioners and are holistic, patient and care-centered in their approach. Evergreen Dental Centre offers holistic treatments that complement their dental practice. They know a relaxed patient is a happy one.

smile-makeoverAnyone who has received a massage before knows that it can leave you feeling relaxed and stress free, however did you know that it actually turns on the parasympathetic nervous system? The PNS is part of our nervous system that, when switched on,slows the heart rate, relaxes the digestive system and directly effects the relaxation of the muscles. So if you have ever felt worried or stressed about seeing the dentist at the Evergreen Dental Centre, you can book yourself in for a hand or facial regeneration treatment to smooth those worries away!

Relaxation doesn’t stop there; sometimes we need more than relaxation to relieve our anxiety when visiting the dentist. This Reading dentist really cares for its patients and has ensured the best in sedation dentistry is available to you. If you opt for sedation dentistry you will be given mild sedatives that leaves you totally responsive to your environment and your dental practitioner, whilst completely relaxing any nervousness or tension.

Evergreen Dental Centre offers all your dental hygiene needs from basic to more advanced procedures including a range of Cosmetic Dentistry. Their ‘Smile Makeovers’ use a scientific approach to measuring how your teeth appear in your mouth. They look at the natural gaps and where your teeth don’t quite line up. Using the latest techniques and drawing on their experience, Evergreen Dental Centre will make sure you can have the perfect smile!

It is possible to now experience your dental appointment as a beauty appointment, as an opportunity to completely change the way you look and feel in a permanent way, to create a long-lasting change to your appearance. Your appointments at this Reading dentist can actually be a great experience due to their warm and friendly team. Their understanding of relaxation and holistic therapy can support you for when you feel just that little bit more nervous to receive a complete Smile Makeover.

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No more fears dentistry

Evergreen Dental Surgery based in Reading is dedicated to making every smile bright, white and healthy. Whilst we all like a great looking smile, a recent survey conducted by the British Dental Health Foundation found that approximately 30 million people in the UK suffered from dental phobia, with 35% citing anxiety and fear as their main reason for not attending appointments! So if you have been avoiding your dentist, possibly even for years, you’re not alone. Whilst modern techniques and highly trained dental teams have made most treatments far less painful and invasive,you may need a little more help if you suffer from anxiety and fear when visiting your oral hygienist in Reading. Sedation dentistry is an important solution to ensure that all aspects of patient care are attended to.

sedation-dentistryEvergreen Dental Surgery takes your fears and anxieties seriously. Relaxation techniques like watching a video or listening to music are all possible ways to help offset fears. Many people have fears around their dental treatment.If you need a little more help,sedation dentistry may well be the answer you’re looking for.

So what is sedation dentistry?

Using the best of sedation dentistry medication, you will be given a sedative intravenously by our trained team. You will not be fully sedated and you will be responsive to your environment and able to communicate with your oral hygienist. You will be given full aftercare by our team. You should also ensure you have a friend or family member to look after you for a couple of hours until the sedative wears off. The procedure is totally safe and can make all the difference for someone who isn’t a fan of visits to the dentist.

So, with the correct aftercare, you will be totally pain-free and relaxed. This is the advantage of sedation dentistry, it simply takes away the anxiety and discomfort. Although you may never love going to the dentist, you can guarantee there will be no more nerves; only a bright white smile!At Evergreen Dental Surgery,Reading, sedation dentistry will ensure you have a smooth, relaxed and pain-free visit.

How to overcome your fear of the dentist and get back to full oral health

Being afraid of the dentist is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about. The Evergreen Dental Centre in Reading understands the needs and concerns of nervous dental patients, and is committed to working with each patient as an individual to help them beat their fears and anxieties, and get back to oral health.

oral-healthFear and phobia of the dentist has numerous causes. A commonly-cited reason is a negative experience of dentists or dentistry during childhood. There are also often specific triggers – the sound of the drill, the feel of Latex gloves, the sight of a needle or even the smells of a dental practice.

Often, fear of the dentist means that people put off attending regular dental check-ups until an emergency occurs. This can make things worse because dental pain can be severe, and by the time you contact an emergency dentist you are likely to already be in a heightened state of anxiety.

At our Reading clinic we find that sometimes, in the case of patients who haven’t visited a dental practice in many years or even decades, an informal chat away from the dentist’s chair is enough to put nervous patients’ minds at rest. There have been vast improvements in terms of techniques, materials, and technology in the world of dentistry in recent years, meaning that the vast majority of treatments are now pain-free.

Sedation dentistry in Reading

For those who still need additional help to feel relaxed when visiting the dentist, our Reading dental clinic offers treatment under sedation. Dental sedation isn’t like general anaesthetic delivered at hospitals – you won’t technically be unconscious or asleep.

The sedation technique used at The Evergreen Dental Centre is Reading is called conscious sedation. You will be awake and able to cooperate with your dentist, but you will enjoy feelings of deep peace, relaxation, and comfort.

Furthermore, you will be largely unaware of your treatment. Most patients also remember little about any procedures once the sedatives have worn off, although those who do widely report that it helps them to feel more positive about visiting the dentist going forward.