At Evergreen Dental, we offer a wide range of services and treatments but we also offer something extra as well that is more intangible. Our patients know that we can be trusted to give thorough advice and look after them whatever they are having done. If you are nervous about the dentist then even this is something you can discuss with us so that we can give you the attention and support you need to make going to the dentist in Reading an affirmative experience.

white-fillings-in-readingEach patient deserves to have positive reinforcement every time they visit so they are more willing to come back and have what they need or want done. This can include check-ups, minor treatments, extensive work or non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

Your dentist in Reading – not just about teeth

The whole experience you have at the dentist depends on the way you are listened to, and how our team creates the treatment package you want, based on your wishes. At Evergreen Dental, we know that everyone is different and we treat each patient as an individual and tailor our skills and services to suit.

Alongside more traditional treatments like fillings or whitening, we also offer a range of rejuvenating treatments for the face including facelifts and dermal fillers. We are already comfortable working in this area of the body and so this makes us ideally suited to expanding our treatment range to include these procedures. Get your facial aesthetics addressed by someone who is already a medical professional and can look at your mouth and smile holistically to give you a natural, authentic look.

How to book with us

To choose us as your dentist in Reading, all you need to do is contact us through our website or by giving the practice a call today. We think that you will find your experience encouraging from the very first contact and, as you build a relationship with us, you will come to feel like you can ask any questions, have any concerns addressed and consider options that you had not previously encountered. At Evergreen Dental, we hope to expand your idea of what the dentist can do and exceed your expectations at every step.

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