Putting Back What Time Takes Away

As time passes, we don't notice the gradual changes that ageing makes to our appearance. When we see a photograph of ourselves, taken years before, we realise just how much time has taken its toll. If you'd like to put back some of what time has taken away, Evergreen can help.

Facial ageing has three primary causes, and we address them all. Firstly, what happens in the mouth affects our looks. As teeth are slowly worn down or even lost, the lower jaw comes closer to the upper jaw – in effect the lower half of the face shrinks – and cheeks sag and collapse inwards. It's that hollow cheeked look that you remember from your granddad! Good dental care restores and maintains the fullness of your teeth and thus of your lower face. That comes as standard with dental care at Evergreen.

But there's more. The next primary cause of facial ageing is loss of skin elasticity; effectively the skin fights a lifetime battle with gravity, and it's a contest that gravity wins, unless you get a little help. Then there is muscle memory. The muscles inside the face that control facial expressions slowly adopt default 'settings' which they always return to. These semi-permanent settings create stresses in the skin, which the mirror sees as wrinkles and creases; things like crows feet and frown lines.

At Evergreen, we'll help your face fight ageing with non-surgical treatments that work wonders.

The Evergreen Facial Aesthetics Journey

We would always recommend adhering to a regimen of a good balanced diet and regular exercise. You would be fully assessed to ensure we use the correct combination of treatment considering their age/sex and skin type.

The journey starts with the Plasma Facelift using PRGF Endoret, along with Multivitamin Injections, this enhances the skin quality and kickstarts the rejuvenation process.

Injections of Botulinum Toxin A would be administered in areas where the muscles need softening.

Finally we are able to give back 'volume' in the form of Dermal Fillers to improve the contours of the face and neck areas. This can be extended to the hands and décolleté.

The processes we use are quickly and non-painfully applied, and you can go back into the outside world looking years younger than when you came in. A word to the wise though, such treatments do wear-off as the products are slowly absorbed by the body. New treatments are needed from time-to-time – maybe every three to twelve months. Which coincides nicely with your regular dental check-ups and hygienist visits!

Be reassured that all treatments are carried out by Dr Rajan Sharma who is qualified to carry out these non-surgical facial aesthetic treatments. Read more about our Cosmetic Practitioner here...

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