Everyone can feel apprehensive about visiting the dentist from time to time. It is perfectly understandable and it can be based on some difficult experience from the past. For some people though, it can be a barrier to visiting the dentist at all and the trouble with this is that the earlier most dental issues get treated, the better the results will be and the less likely it is that extensive work will be required.

sedation-dentistryAt Evergreen Dental, Reading, sedation dentistry is something that we offer to nervous patients to help them relax.

What are the options?

You can always put in a request at for sedation dentistry in Reading at our clinic. When your dentist suggests a procedure for you they will also discuss your options and do everything they can to make you feel comfortable physically and emotionally. If you know you have your sedation option waiting for you when you arrive for your treatment, you are likely to be more relaxed to begin with.

Your first option is an IV drip which provides consistent sedation through a needle in your arm throughout the treatment. The second – and this might be a good option if you do not like needles – is a gas that you inhale through a mask that is fitted over your mouth and nose. All you need to do is take big, deep breaths and you will feel relaxed and settled whilst our team give you the treatment you need. Some people feel more in control when they have this method and the effects wear off relatively quickly after you stop inhaling the gas.

What are the benefits?

Every time you have a good visit to the dentist – one where you get the treatment you need without having a difficult experience – it makes it easier to think about coming again in the future. This kind of positive reinforcement means that you are more likely to do things like get your regular check-ups and develop trust in your dentist. Please do avail yourself of our sedation dentistry in Reading and improve your relationship with the dentist today so that your oral hygiene can benefit in the long term.