Calm your nerves with our sedation options

Everyone can feel apprehensive about visiting the dentist from time to time. It is perfectly understandable and it can be based on some difficult experience from the past. For some people though, it can be a barrier to visiting the dentist at all and the trouble with this is that the earlier most dental issues […]

Who chooses sedation dentistry?

Many people over the U.K, are walking around with some kind of pain in their teeth because they choose not to go and see a dentist. At Evergreen Dental Centre, we understand that fear can take over the driving seat when it comes to pain and let’s face it, many people do associate the dentist […]

Whatever your concern, we can help

At Evergreen Dental, we understand that for some people, going to the dentist can be difficult. We want you to feel as safe and comfortable as possible and know that the more relaxed you feel, the more likely you are to come to see us for check ups and care potentially preventing the need for […]

No more fears dentistry

Evergreen Dental Surgery based in Reading is dedicated to making every smile bright, white and healthy. Whilst we all like a great looking smile, a recent survey conducted by the British Dental Health Foundation found that approximately 30 million people in the UK suffered from dental phobia, with 35% citing anxiety and fear as their […]

How to overcome your fear of the dentist and get back to full oral health

Being afraid of the dentist is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about. The Evergreen Dental Centre in Reading understands the needs and concerns of nervous dental patients, and is committed to working with each patient as an individual to help them beat their fears and anxieties, and get back to oral health. Fear and […]

Exploring sedation dentistry for nervous dental patients

Sedation dentistry has grown in popularity and availability in recent years, as an increasing number of dentists develop a better understanding of the needs of nervous dental patients. At The Evergreen Dental Centre in Reading the whole team is sympathetic to and respectful of the needs of anxious, nervous, and phobic patients. However, we don’t […]

Sedation dentistry for nervous dental patients

Sedation dentistry is helping scores of nervous dental patients in Reading to get the treatment they need to restore their oral health. The Evergreen Dental Centre in Reading is committed to working with nervous, anxious, and phobic patients not just to get them back to health, but also to enable them to achieve the smile […]

Let sedation dentistry help you back to oral health

Sedation dentistry has helped scores of nervous, anxious, and phobic dental patients just like you to get much needed treatment, giving them back their oral health. Reading clinic The Evergreen Dental Centre fully understands and empathises with the needs of nervous patients, but we do not think that in 2016 it should be a barrier […]