There are several ways that a dentist can address the problem of damaged or broken teeth. The Evergreen Dental Centre in Reading offers a number of highly realistic options for restoring your teeth, with conscious sedation an option for patients who are scared of the dentist.

restore-broken-teethTeeth get broken for a variety of reasons. Even with the best-laid plans (such as wearing a sports mouthguard when playing any type of sport) accidents can happen. Blows to the head or face frequently result in broken or otherwise damaged teeth. Often, this requires the services of an emergency dentist; our Reading dental clinic tries to see emergency cases on the same day whenever possible – contact our team straight away on 0118 966 9991 if you have broken one or more teeth.

Our emergency dental services covers both patients of the practice and those who are not registered with our team but need an emergency dentist in Reading.

What your Reading dentist can do

There are several options available to your Reading dentist to restore broken and/or damaged teeth. A number of factors come into play when deciding the best treatment. These include:

  • The amount of damage
  • The cause of tooth breakage
  • The location of your tooth in your mouth
  • Your general dental health

Sometimes, a dentist is able to use composite bonding (white filling material) to stick the broken pieces of tooth back together. White fillings themselves can be a good option for restoring a damaged tooth in some circumstances, depending on the location of the affected tooth and the cause and amount of damage.

When decay has played a role in your tooth breakage, white fillings may be a good option. Your dentist will first remove all traces of decay before filling the tooth.

In cases of more extensive damage, particularly affecting the back teeth, your Reading dentist may recommend a crown. Crowns can be matched to the natural colour of your teeth, and will require at least two appointments at our Reading clinic.

A mildly chipped or cracked tooth isn’t usually an emergency scenario but should still be checked out. For front teeth, veneers may be recommended.

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