A dentist no longer has to rely on obvious metal braces to straighten your teeth. At The Evergreen Dental Centre in Reading, we understand that whilst many adults would like straighter teeth, the thought of wearing glaringly obvious metal appliances for long periods of time is enough to put them off. Read on to find out how we get rid of this barrier to treatment. . .

straighten-teethAsk any dentist and they will tell you that straightening your teeth has several health benefits. Perfectly aligned teeth have fewer gaps in which food can get trapped and plaque bacteria can build up, so straightening your teeth helps to improve your oral health – so long as you floss and brush regularly, and visit the dentist and hygienist as often as you are advised to.

Straightening your teeth also ensures that the forces generated by biting and chewing are evenly distributed in your mouth, which helps prevent teeth getting prematurely worn down.

What your dentist can do

At our Reading dental practice, your dentist has a few options for discreet teeth-straightening treatment.

One of the most popular treatments at our Reading centre is Invisalign. This system of clear aligners fits comfortably over your teeth and gradually guides them into an improved position. You change your aligner every fortnight as your teeth begin to move, and your dentist will advise you of how many aligners you will need when you come for a consultation.

Your practitioner can also use Invisalign 3D computer software to show you exactly what results you can expect prior to starting treatment.

Another popular option is lingual braces. These work just like standard braces, with one enormous difference: they are fitted to the lingual or rear surfaces of your teeth, meaning they will be hidden from view in everyday life. Lingual braces can correct most orthodontic problems.

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