Are you new to the area? One of the things that needs to be near the top of your to-do list is finding the right dentist in Reading.

At Evergreen Dental, we believe that we can fulfil every need you have when it comes to a dentist in Reading. We are Rajan and Shivani, a husband and wife team, and we created and designed Evergreen Dental from scratch, having already established a busy and successful dental practice in the town.

nervous-dental-patientsWe decided to make a dental practice that we knew could meet the needs of all our patients, so although Evergeen Dental is a new name in the town, our experience and expertise has been garnered over several years of serving Reading’s residents.

We know, for example, that it is not unusual for people to feel nervous, or even pretty scared, about visiting the dentist in Reading. We too have been to the dentist and sat in the chair, and it can be daunting. That is why one of our main aims here is to help people get over past bad dental experiences, using our training, warmth and friendliness to give people a new dental history that leads them to see a visit to the dentist as completely positive.

Firstly, we think it is vital that your dentist in Reading listens to what you have to say, so an appointment with us is as much about us hearing you as it is about us telling you what to do. And we promise that whatever you tell us, or whatever we find in your mouth, will all be received without judgment. Our aim is to give you a wonderful healthy mouth and smile, not tell you off if you have let things slide and now need help getting back to optimum condition.

You will know that we have heard you because you will receive a written copy of your treatment plan to agree to before we start working on you, which will include fees and a time schedule.

If you are still nervous, don’t worry, we have ways to relax you, if you need medication, so that you can experience treatment in a state of calm rather than anxiety.