Maybe you have just moved to Reading. Maybe you fancy a change or your current dentist is not offering a service you need. Whatever the reasons, finding a new dentist in Reading is not a process to be taken lightly. After all, chances are that you will stick with this new dentist for the rest of your life.

dentist-in-ReadingThat’s why at Evergreen Dental we offer dental services for all ages, from infancy to seniority. Dental needs change as we go through life, so it is important that your dentist in Reading can cater for your changing needs.

As a small child, when you experience the dentist for the first time, what you feel could well shape how you feel about vising the dentist for the rest of your life. If your first few visits left you feeling anxious or scared in some way, there’s a good chance that as an adult you will avoid going to the dentist. You may even ignore decay or infections until it is too late and you lose teeth and have to pay out a large amount of money on remedial dental work.

At Evergreen Dental, we know how important it is to feel relaxed and secure when you are in the chair.

We offer the full range of dental treatments and services to fulfil all your needs from a dentist in Reading. Our dentists, husband-and-wife team Rajan and Shivani, designed and created Evergreen Dental using their knowledge and experience from previously establishing a busy, successful dental practice in the town.

One aspect of dentistry that we are very hot on is making sure that everyone feels as comfortable as possible when they visit us. It is not uncommon for people to feel anxious, or perhaps even frightened, about visiting the dentist. In Reading, we aim to help residents overcome any previous unhappy dental experiences, and we have received extensive training in ways to get you to relax and once again see visits to the dentist as a positive experience.

As well as taking care to get to know you and listen to your needs in our tranquil practice environment, we make sure we supply you with easy-to-understand, written treatment plans, and, if necessary, when it comes to actual dental treatments, we can use various methods to sedate you so that you experience your treatments in a relaxed and calm state.