Evergreen Dental Surgery based in Reading is dedicated to making every smile bright, white and healthy. Whilst we all like a great looking smile, a recent survey conducted by the British Dental Health Foundation found that approximately 30 million people in the UK suffered from dental phobia, with 35% citing anxiety and fear as their main reason for not attending appointments! So if you have been avoiding your dentist, possibly even for years, you’re not alone. Whilst modern techniques and highly trained dental teams have made most treatments far less painful and invasive,you may need a little more help if you suffer from anxiety and fear when visiting your oral hygienist in Reading. Sedation dentistry is an important solution to ensure that all aspects of patient care are attended to.

sedation-dentistryEvergreen Dental Surgery takes your fears and anxieties seriously. Relaxation techniques like watching a video or listening to music are all possible ways to help offset fears. Many people have fears around their dental treatment.If you need a little more help,sedation dentistry may well be the answer you’re looking for.

So what is sedation dentistry?

Using the best of sedation dentistry medication, you will be given a sedative intravenously by our trained team. You will not be fully sedated and you will be responsive to your environment and able to communicate with your oral hygienist. You will be given full aftercare by our team. You should also ensure you have a friend or family member to look after you for a couple of hours until the sedative wears off. The procedure is totally safe and can make all the difference for someone who isn’t a fan of visits to the dentist.

So, with the correct aftercare, you will be totally pain-free and relaxed. This is the advantage of sedation dentistry, it simply takes away the anxiety and discomfort. Although you may never love going to the dentist, you can guarantee there will be no more nerves; only a bright white smile!At Evergreen Dental Surgery,Reading, sedation dentistry will ensure you have a smooth, relaxed and pain-free visit.