Are you afraid of going to the dentist? You’re not alone. It’s common to feel anxious or nervous about visiting the dentist and undergoing dental treatment. We at Evergreen Dental strive to put you at ease so that you can enjoy lifelong dental health. To make your dental experience as stress-free as possible, we offer sedation dentistry in Reading.

sedation-dentistry-in-readingWhat is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is simply the use of sedation during dental treatment to make you feel more relaxed. At our practice in Reading, sedation dentistry comes in two forms: intravenous sedation and inhalation sedation.

Intravenous sedation – also known as IV sedation – uses a small needle to administer a liquid sedative into your body. This is done in a controlled manner to ensure you feel relaxed and at ease throughout your treatment. However you will not fall into a deep sleep. Instead you will remain awake and aware during your treatment but simply won’t be bothered by it.

If the thought of a needle is already putting you on edge, then inhalation sedation may be right for you. This uses a small mask placed over your nose and mouth, into which two gases are passed – nitrous oxide and oxygen. This combination of gases will make you feel calm as we carry out the necessary dental procedures.

What about the after effects?

Inhalation sedation wears off very quickly, within a few minutes of breathing in normal air. Intravenous sedation takes a while longer and we therefore advise that you do not drive, drink alcohol or operate machinery during this time.

Whichever option you go for, you may find that your memory of your dental treatment is quite fuzzy. This is completely normal and an expected after-effect of having dental sedation.

Enjoy good dental health

With sedation dentistry in Reading, in the hands of our capable team of dentists and nurses, you can make your dental health a priority. In combination with local anaesthetic where needed, your dental treatment will be both a pain-free and stress-free experience. So don’t put off taking care of your dental health any longer. Get in touch today. We are ready to help you enjoy a lifetime of good dental health.