Huge advances in sedation dentistry mean it is now possible for nervous and phobic dental patients to get much-needed treatment, without anxiety being a problem. The Evergreen Dental Centre in Reading offers a range of sedation dentistry options, so if you are anxious, nervous, or phobic about visiting the dentist, read on to discover how we can help you get back to health. . .

sedation-dentistry-in-readingThere are numerous causes of dental phobia, and within that each patient’s personal experience will be unique. Some people have had a bad experience during childhood, whilst others are triggered by needles, drills, or even the sounds of a practice.

Many people worry that they will be judged by the dental team if their oral health is less than perfect, whilst others are anxious about what further treatment they may require. In these and other circumstances, sedation dentistry in Reading really helps.

At our Reading practice we are sensitive to the needs of and sympathetic to the feelings of nervous and phobic patients. We will take things slowly, at your own pace, and will never judge you if your teeth and gums have fallen into poor condition. All we want to do is to help you find the best path back to a healthy, happy smile, and sedation dentistry in Reading is an excellent way to start.

Will I be unconscious?

No. Unlike general anaesthetic you may have had for hospital procedures, we use conscious sedation dentistry at our Reading practice. This means that you will be awake, but peaceful and relaxed, and largely unaware of treatment.

Our Reading clinic offers two types of sedation dentistry: inhalation sedation, which involves breathing in a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen and is an excellent option if you have a fear of needles; and intravenous (IV) sedation, which is a stronger form of sedation dentistry and is delivered via a small needle in your hand or arm.

For IV sedation, you will need a friend to take you home after your appointment and to stay with you until the next day, to ensure the sedatives have worn off.