If you’re looking for a dentist in Reading, Evergreen Dental Centre is a great dentist to go to. Rajan and Shivani, the practice owners, are experienced dental practitioners and are holistic, patient and care-centered in their approach. Evergreen Dental Centre offers holistic treatments that complement their dental practice. They know a relaxed patient is a happy one.

smile-makeoverAnyone who has received a massage before knows that it can leave you feeling relaxed and stress free, however did you know that it actually turns on the parasympathetic nervous system? The PNS is part of our nervous system that, when switched on,slows the heart rate, relaxes the digestive system and directly effects the relaxation of the muscles. So if you have ever felt worried or stressed about seeing the dentist at the Evergreen Dental Centre, you can book yourself in for a hand or facial regeneration treatment to smooth those worries away!

Relaxation doesn’t stop there; sometimes we need more than relaxation to relieve our anxiety when visiting the dentist. This Reading dentist really cares for its patients and has ensured the best in sedation dentistry is available to you. If you opt for sedation dentistry you will be given mild sedatives that leaves you totally responsive to your environment and your dental practitioner, whilst completely relaxing any nervousness or tension.

Evergreen Dental Centre offers all your dental hygiene needs from basic to more advanced procedures including a range of Cosmetic Dentistry. Their ‘Smile Makeovers’ use a scientific approach to measuring how your teeth appear in your mouth. They look at the natural gaps and where your teeth don’t quite line up. Using the latest techniques and drawing on their experience, Evergreen Dental Centre will make sure you can have the perfect smile!

It is possible to now experience your dental appointment as a beauty appointment, as an opportunity to completely change the way you look and feel in a permanent way, to create a long-lasting change to your appearance. Your appointments at this Reading dentist can actually be a great experience due to their warm and friendly team. Their understanding of relaxation and holistic therapy can support you for when you feel just that little bit more nervous to receive a complete Smile Makeover.

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