Dentistry is about much more than just teeth. It is an extensive field that covers everything from oral cancer screening to sedation dentistry. In Reading, at Evergreen Dental, we offer a wide range of services to our patients so that we can meet all your needs whether that’s your health or your comfort.

Sedation dentistry in Reading is something we offer to our patients who have a particularly tough time visiting the dentist. If that’s you, we want you to feel like you have options that will leave you feeling relaxed, empowered and more positive about returning to us in the future.

sedation-dentistry-in-readingHow do I get it?

We encourage an open and supportive environment at Evergreen Dental, Reading. Sedation dentistry is something you can ask us about whenever you have a treatment where it might be appropriate. We can offer intravenous sedation which leaves you feeling relaxed but conscious and co-operative while you have your procedure.

What happens afterwards?

Afterwards, you are unlikely to be aware of what happened during your treatment. You need a friend or relative to take you home as driving or working is not advisable for a short time after sedation. You will return to normal quickly though and, after a good night’s sleep, you will feel refreshed.

Why come to us

At Evergreen Dental, we use sedation dentistry to help you with your current treatment but we also want to improve your experience long-term. If you continue to have calm and positive experiences then your worries about the dentist are likely to lessen over time. Hopefully, this will mean you can come for regular check-ups, create a good relationship with your dental practitioners and ultimately give yourself the gift of healthier teeth.

Anything that prevents you from getting maintenance work or from seeking help early when you notice something amiss can lead to greater problems further down the line. Dental issues tend to deteriorate and this can happen quite fast. Also, your dentist might be able to pick up on them before they happen if given the opportunity. A better relationship with your dental practice through sedation dentistry in Reading can lead to healthier teeth and fewer visits in the long run.