Putting Back What Nature Intended

Many of the people you meet everyday have one or more teeth that are not their own. But you’d never know! That’s because the science of dentistry has combined with modern materials and techniques to produce replacement teeth that are indistinguishable from the originals.

Replacement teeth take four main forms. First there is the crown, an individual tooth which takes its place alongside your other teeth, cemented onto your tooth in a way that mimics a natural one.

Then there’s the bridge, one or more artificial teeth that are bonded to real neighbouring teeth.

Next comes the denture – a removable plate that’s tightly contoured to fit behind and around existing teeth, and provides replacement teeth in the gaps left by missing teeth.

Finally, there’s the implant, an individual tooth fixed to a titanium post which has been fitted to your jaw. Dr Sharma and Dr Prasad have completed a highly regarded Surgical Implantology course at the Tatum Institute. They have been taught directly by Professor Hilt Tatum, who has pioneered dental implants over the last forty years.

Their experience ranges from placing single tooth up to full mouth implants and in cases of inadequate bone they are also able to place bone grafts. The Evergreen Dental Centre is the perfect setting to have your implant surgery done.

If past or present dental treatment has left you with gaps that need filling, we’ll discuss exactly what’s possible, and what’s best for your case. We’ll also talk about costs, and ways to pay including interest free payment options.

And we’ll do it in the sympathetic, relaxed way that is the hallmark of The Evergreen Dental Centre.