Periodontal disease encompasses a number of diseases that affect the gums and supporting structures of the teeth. Without proper treatment the fibres holding the gums tightly around the tooth can break down resulting in the formation of a ‘pocket’.

In many cases this is followed by loss of the bone supporting the tooth and, ultimately, the tooth itself. The role of the Periodontist is to assess and treat this disease.

The amount of treatment required depends on the severity of the disease and the number of teeth affected. Often one course of therapy followed by regular ‘maintenance’ visits is sufficient to restore and maintain health. If further treatment is required this will be discussed with you.

Following active therapy, periodontal maintenance visits are essential to monitor the tissues and review your home care. This will involve periodic visits with the Hygienist and the Periodontist.

At The Evergreen Dental Centre, we will discuss the number of appointments we think you may need and the likely duration of the treatment at the consultation appointment. The cost of treatment can vary depending on the extent of the disease, the number of teeth affected and the tissues response to treatment. An estimate of the cost based on an individual assessment will be included with the treatment plan, which will be discussed with you at the consultation and prior to any treatment.